10 Tips to take pictures for online stores

When we talk about sales on the Internet, the photo of the product is a determining factor for the customer to decide on the purchase. Ensuring good images, showing all details is a success point for online stores.

Having quality photos in online stores is essential for sales

When products are shown in the smallest details, the chances of being sold in an online store are greater, but you do not necessarily need to hire a professional photographer and spend a lot of money on good images.

Today, most smartphones can take good pictures, regardless of the model. However, we will give you some hot tips to make your product presentation even better.

Explore your camera's various tools and perform tests before photographing your products.

10 steps to take pictures for online stores:

1) Use natural light:

Use whenever possible, as it looks good in any type of photo. Taking pictures during the day is always better and brings the best results.

2) Use a white background:

You may notice that most e-commerce sites use images with a white background, highlighting only the product. The technique used in this effect is called "infinite background". To make this background, do it with a piece of paper or white fabric behind the product and attach a top part with hooks, creating a curve at the bottom.

3) Check the environment around the photo:

Before taking a photo, prepare the environment where the work will be done. If a countertop is dirty or dusty, clean it first. If it is an outdoor area, check that there are no people, animals or other elements in the background. If the environment is indoor and it is very dark, see if there is any type of light that can be used, such as a lamp or make an adjustment on your camera to take a clearer picture.

4) Use a tripod and the camera timer:

In order not to shake your image, nothing better than using a tripod to take the pictures. But the truth is that, even with this tool, it can still happen that one or the other shaking passes when it is time to press the camera button. Therefore, the best option is not only to use the tripod but also to bet on the timer of the camera so that it is not necessary to even touch the device when capturing the scene.

5) Use people in your photos:

Humanizing photos can be a good idea to get your online shopper's attention. Photograph a person using the product. It also gives you an idea of ​​the actual size of the product. Be careful not to highlight a person, but the product.

6) Pay attention to the shadows

When worked well, shadows can help a lot to highlight an object in the scene. But, anyway, you have to be careful. This is because, depending on the type of light, it is quite possible that the shade hides some important detail of the product. Therefore, always position the camera in such a way that the shadow does not interfere with what needs to be shown in the photo.

7) Avoid using the flash:

Whenever possible, avoid using the camera flash, as it is an artificial light that compromises the actual nuclei of the photographed object.

8) Make a mini studio:

To make your photos look perfect, set up a small studio. He uses fluorescent lamps, a paper box, some fabric or sheets of paper. Cut out the side of the box and coat with a double layer of tissue paper. Inside, where the product will be photographed, place a sheet of paper or EVA for an infinite background effect.

9) Show your product details:

Since people are not seeing your product live or touching it, you need to keep in mind that it is necessary to display as much detail as possible. Take photos from all angles of your product and highlight details.

10) Use two light sources:

You can have at least two sources of white light to be able to illuminate it, as it helps to highlight the details of the product and obtain more reality to the image.

Taking photos takes practice, so don't worry if your photos aren't perfect the first few times, keep training until they are as you wish.

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