10 Tips for Better Heat Transfer Film Performance

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Heat transfer films are already established products in the market due to their quality, versatility of application and durability. But do you know what the main mistakes most people make when working with this product?

Check out the selection of 10 common mistakes when working with cut-out movies that will help your learning and avoid loss.

  • COMPLEX ARTS: Do not produce logos too small with fonts smaller than 5 pt for example or complex details

  • MIRROR ART: At plotter time, use mirror art

  • BLADE ANGLE (plotter): Always check tilt angle (follow manufacturer's instructions)

  • TEFFLON (Plotter): Make suresed for protection) of your Cutout Plotter is ok.

  • TEMPERATURE (Press): Be sure to check the temperature. Ideally 195 ° C to 200 ° C for cotton parts, and 190 ° C for polyester parts (but you should always run tests before applying the product to make sure it is the best temperature for your application)

  • APPLICATION TIME (Press): For cotton applications, with presses of up to 20 seconds, while for polyester, 10 to 16 seconds.

  • CHECK (Press): Verify that the temperature of the press is the same across the hot plate (you can perform a test with fabric and small squares of scattered films or with infrared thermometer)

  • PRESSURE: Maintain an always average pressure in the thermal press.

  • FABRIC: Don't buy fabrics like Nylon, Lycra and Elastane without testing before

  • LINER: Avoid removing the cold line, it is essential that this is done with the product still warm.

With these little tips you are much safer to start testing on Transfer Film and make wonderful pieces for yourself or for sale. =)

Enjoy! #sublimation #heattransferfilm #Transfer #tips

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