6 Steps for a Perfect Mug Sublimation

Learn how to sublimate a ceramic mug in a simple way.

Before starting the process, let's go to the check list.

• Sublimatic Paper

• Ceramic mug (must be a sublimation mug)

• Mug press

• Thermal tape

• High quality sublimation ink.

• Printer compatible with sublimation ink.

• A design of your choice with high quality.

Step 1

First, it is necessary to print your drawing on the sublimation paper in a mirror mode using a sublimation printer.

After printing, cut the paper to fit your mug.

Step 2

Wrap the art in the mug and center the paper using the handle as a reference.

Make sure the design is not upside down and stick to the side using the thermal tape (you may use other types of tape, but most of them leave residues).

Step 3

Configure your press

Temperature 180 ° C / 356 ° F

Time: 180 seconds

Medium Pressure

*Remembering that the temperature of the display can be different from the temperature of the thermal blanket, see more about it here.

Wait the warm up.

Step 4

With the press already heated, insert the mug, close the press and wait for the time.

Step 5

After 180 seconds the press will sound an alarm, carefully remove the mug from the thermal press. Post-sublimation is a very important factor, we have an article about it, see here.

Step 6

Your mug will be ready and personalized!

It is important to remember that it is necessary to wait for the mug to cool completely before using it or handing it over to the customer, and that a well-made packaging values ​​your sales a lot.

Personalize your mugs and good sales now!

What's up? Were you able to sublimate your mug? Show us how it got here in the comments!

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