I doubted myself!

Updated: Nov 2

When it all started, in 2016, I was trying to express myself artistically in arts for Chinese porcelain mugs, applying with my newly acquired presses. Here in my country we are not very clear about copyright laws and, therefore, we have not learned to respect them deeply. In the middle of the year, with Father's Day approaching, which for us here is in August, based on the references of working in an automotive garage as a boy, I thought of making some "imitations of oil cans to print on mugs. "The guys gonna love this!"

And it really was. I featured the first 4 cans of oil in facebook groups and soon there was a guy asking me if I would sell just the art.

I had never thought of that! Great, selling!

From then on I was reconciling with my work developing visual identity for fairgrounds in greater São Paulo and the arts created for you, and often at your request, seeking to deliver what you wanted. But some people asked me for orders with oil brands that I didn't know and I kept increasing the collection and increasing my products on etsy. I gained visibility on the marketplace and in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, I dropped the service I did for customers in São Paulo to dedicate myself fully to the etsy store and I had a year of many sales.

With this visibility and almost 27 thousand dollars in sales this year, I started to receive complaints from some brands that couldn't see the art I made but could see me using replicas of their product packaging and also saw the people who bought my packages and they resold it as if it were theirs at a price of nothing (that is, while I was looted I filled the internet with branded arts, even unintentionally)

With the receipt of the complaints I did not know how to deal. In my mind (I confess some cognitive limitation) I wouldn't be able to pay my bills if I took out all the branded products from the Etsy store and "what would become of the bills?". Here is the result: In December 2021 Etsy banned my account and I can no longer work on this marketplace. I had the result I feared, I had no source of income and no way to pay the bills. The result was despair and depression for long months.

Now after 9 months of this happening and also a lot of reflection on the subject, I will resume this project. An artist is what I am, and I want to make a living from my art, whether that art is a tribute to the engine lover, the farmer, or an advertising piece.

I come to thank the friends who supported me and bought my arts and ask again for their support, see in our store the products that do not have brands and know that commissions are open. Stay with us in our social networks and our mail list

Thank you all.

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