Why use an IR Thermometer in sublimation?

Is your press yellowing the fabric, making it look burnt?

You may come across this problem and think that it is Paper, which are the types of fabrics and even the sublimatic ink when the problem is another… something you might not even imagine.

Often the temperature displayed on the panel of the equipment has a difference that can reach more than 80 ° F.

You can do a quick scan in seconds.

The IR thermometer is the tool that will help you show if the temperature displayed by your Thermal Press panel is correct.

The only way for you to verify this type of deviation is the IR thermometer.

Using the thermometer you can evaluate this deviation and reconfigure by correcting the temperature of your press.

By identifying the difference between what the panel shows and the actual temperature you stabilize your process. Print, Check it with your IR thermometer, Press and Enjoy! source: https://portalsublimatico.com.br/termometro-digital/

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